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A “Commons“

…Is a place where

     An organic culture

     defines and makes its home

  • as its defensible and public space

  • for its communities of participants

     serving as a “hive” for its internal relationships

  • usually as inclusive and equitable interconnections

  • (everyone to everyone)

     serving as a “hub” for its external relationships

  • with its local niche of  ecological partners

  • with its open environment

  • (exploratory connections)

  • with and networks of remote exclusive connections

  • (one to one)

     As its “Niche” in the world and “living space”.


… for example

     A “body”   is a commons for its cells    

  • But bodies are organized differently than their cells, each needing to be part of a different culture

     A “town”   is a commons for its villagers

  • But every town develops from its unique circumstance, so the usual patterns associated with the words are really questions about the individual thing

     A “nest” or "office"  
     is a commons for its family, swarm, work group

Living things need to sleep, and build places where they can “tune out” at night, so the organization of a commons changes day and night

     The Earth   is a commons for life

The “Culture” occupying the Commons

    …Is << a different thing>>


it’s the organization that develops

  • the physical interrelationships of its parts

    • the animated, eventful and energy using physical parts and processes

  • the virtual relationships

    • as artifacts of the living physical relationships, left as virtual parts in the life patterns of its organization

Human cultures develop “common language” for their internal and external relationships,

  • a “virtual organization” for their “physical” organization”

  • with the natural  “meanings of the words” in direct relationship with the “organization of  the things” the words refer to;

  • As a “direct relationshipbetween words and things, developing along with the organization of the culture by

    •  accumulating  life experience with

    • the things of the Commons and Nature,

as people explore LIVING

  • by discovering and developing their physical relationships with the webs of the commons and of nature

  • and their understanding of the “true meanings” of words and “meanings of life” the words refer to

  • as the connection of the physical things and experiences of life,

  • both making words into connected parts of the natural world and serving to ground and enrich the meanings of language

JLH 9/10/13 (also posted to Reading Nature's Signals) & Natural Systems


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