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A “Commons” is…

… A place where

   An organic culture

   defines and makes its home

  • as its defensible and public space
  • for its communities of participants

   serving as a “hive” for its internal relationships

  • usually as inclusive and equitable interconnections
  • (everyone to everyone)

   serving as a “hub” for its external relationships

  • with its local niche of ecological partners
  • with its open environment
  • (exploratory connections)
  • with and networks of remote exclusive connections
  • (one to one)

   As its “Niche” in the world and “living space”.


… for example

   A “body”  is a commons for its cells   

  • But bodies are organized differently than their cells, each needing to be part of a different culture

   A “town”  is a commons for its villagers

  • But every town develops from its unique circumstance, so the usual patterns associated with the words are really questions about the individual thing

   A “nest” or “office”

  • is a commons for its family, swarm, or work group

Living things need to sleep, and so they build places where they can “tune out” and mentally digest at night, so the organization of a commons changes day and night

   The Earth  is a commons for life

The “Culture” occupying the Commons

  …Is << a different thing>>


it’s the organization that develops

  • the physical interrelationships of its parts
    • the animated, eventful and energy using physical parts and processes
  • the virtual relationships
    • as artifacts of the living physical relationships, left as virtual parts in the life patterns of its organization

Human cultures develop “common language” for their internal and external relationships,

  • a “virtual organization” for their “physical” organization”
  • with the natural “meanings of the words” in direct relationship with the “organization of the things” the words refer to;
  • As a “direct relationshipbetween words and things, developing along with the organization of the culture by
    •  accumulating life experience with
    • the things of the Commons and Nature,

as people explore LIVING

  • by discovering and developing their physical relationships with the webs of the commons and of nature
  • and their understanding of the “true meanings” of words and “meanings of life” the words refer to
  • as the connection of the physical things and experiences of life,
  • both making words into connected parts of the natural world and serving to ground and enrich the meanings of language

JLH 9/10/13 (also posted to Reading Nature’s Signals) & Natural Systems


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